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Title insurance protects you from problems with ownership when you buy real estate. Common title issues can include public records errors, unknown liens, forgery, disputes over land boundaries, unknown easements, and spouses or unknown heirs who claim they own the property.

An owner’s policy is crucial for a homebuyer because it ensures the seller has indisputable ownership of the property and can transfer ownership to you. It protects your home from any past defects or issues with title after ownership is transferred to you. Your policy covers you immediately and protects you against any losses for as long as you own the property.

A loan policy protects your lender, and it’s good until the loan is paid off. Although it protects the lender, the buyer is required to pay for it. This type of policy ensures the lender has the first lien on the house in the event of foreclosure or unpaid property taxes.

As a trusted third-party, Tradition Title Company acts as your escrow and closing agent. We collect, hold, and disburse the funds and process the documents related to your transaction. Our experienced and professional closing staff coordinates the document signing by all parties. Once your transaction is closed and funded, Tradition Title Company handles the disbursement of all funds and the recording of your legal documents.